Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Third day Of Holiday~~~~~

Hey guys!!!
Sorry that I've never been updating my Blog~~~~~><
I've change my blog's looks~! Isn't it nice???
If anything looks funny, tell me! haha~

Recently, I've been doing quite many things~
But too bad I never update my blog~~~
First, went to Mid Valley with my closest friends~
We sing K and shop there~ haha~
Have so much fun!(Im crazy when it goes to Red Box, hehe~)
Second, its HOLIDAY week now!!! One week of HOLIDAYS!!!

Actually, this week of holiday...
Im kinda addicted to Orochi~!!! haha~~
And also Dynasty warriors!
So niceee... ><
haha~~~ You can say Im quite naive~~

FT Island also came out with their new album!!!
As you can see...My blog is full of their pictures~~ haha~
Maybe not so many...=='''
And some of their songs~~~
Very beautiful voice Hong Ki~~~ haha~~
And very nice song...
Im forever a Primadonna...haha

Thats all for now~
Im gonna try my best to update every time!~~~
God Bless ya!~