Monday, January 31, 2011

Time changes everything

Heyyyyyyy Guyssssss!
ITS been a long time since I updated
I really miss you guys
Even thought I don't know who or what has been reading my blog
Its already 2011!
And Im a 14+ years old teenager! Until July 2nd, I will be 15 years old!
Old isn't it?

The last post I've ever update is when before I went to Seoul
Speaking of Seoul
I have so much fun back there
Took many pictures
But lazy to upload them all!
I say ALL it means hundreds of them!
Just imagining me uploading all those pictures
Makes my hands feel like jelly
Seoul is a cold place
And I love cold so much
I wish I can go back there

A new life this year!
And Im studying JR3G~
Drop 2 class~

Today is 31st January
Just three more days, and its CNY Day!
Ang paus everywhere!

The day before today rained non-stop
Im not buffing~
It feels like Im really in Twilight's Forks~
Vampires everywhere!

Its a holiday today
And I have nothing to do
but to sit infront of the computer the whole day
Can I?

Maybe afterwards I will let my eyes rest and go complete my holiday homework
And maybe study a little while
Talking about study
Im taking PMR this year
Oh My God!
Im nervous!
Just thinking of PMR makes my stomach full of butterflies!
Anyway, I need to study hard
And also the chance of updating my blog will be even lesser
But I'll try to update more If I can!

I have a TV series to introduce to you guys~
Its called i-Carly
If any of you own, I mean your house or whatever, owns an astro
Turn to channel 612 Monday - Friday 4.30 pm
Its very funny! Super RIDICULOUS~
Laughs until your out of your mind
Hey hey!
Laughing is good you know
It pushes your stress away
And maybe some of you can improve your english
Just like me

Let me wish you guys a early Happy Chinese New Year first!
Okay :)
Till then! :p