Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wedding Dress

Hey peeps~
Its Saturday today!
And its holiday for the next two days!
Yay~ Haha~

Watched The Royal Wedding yesterday!
Prince William was Handsome, and Kate Middleton was Pretty!
And NICE Wedding Dress!
Love it!
They kissed double times at the Buckingham Palace balcony!
It was SWEET!

Had a wonderful time in school yesterday!
Im abit crazy yesterday!
My Crazy LAUGHING sounds!!!
Hilarious, isn't it?

Have to attend my piano class later!
= ='''
I'm lazy to go...

I'm still watching the repetition of Willam and Kate's Royal Wedding now~
Like a fantasy~

That's all for now! Bye~

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid, I'm so stupid in love

Its Tuesday!
Have to stay for society again!

Ate cup noodles with XY for my breakfast!
I'm very moody today!
My close friends will think that I'm abit nuts today...
Esp XY!
Im sorry XY...
I have no one but you to tell about my secrets...
Sorry to bother you!

Mae Kim keeps telling me to update my blog...
So here I am! MAE KIM!
I hope ur happy now! ><
I won't write about him todayy~
Very moody! = 3='''
Needa rest!

But anyway...
Had a fantastic school day with you guys in school!
I prefer to stick with you guys...
I won't choose love over friendship!

Its the third day my mum's not here!
Im missin' her! ><
Hope she can accomplish her work and come back soon!
I think thats all for now!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Guide Me through the End of the Road

The End Of The Road

Heyy to anyone who's reading my blog~
Today is a very normal day...
Very normal...
Until something unexpected happened...

Oh Great!? My BIG SECRET has been guessed by my class friend!
Don't you dare try to tell anyone bout' this! ORELSE I'll smack you up down left right front back! XD
(I wish no others will know about this secret again!)

Back to my daily doings...
Sweet and Awesome!~ XD

Second recess...
Innocent me...has been splashed with water by my friend~
Our daily activites in the girl's toilet...XD
This is worst than ever!
My whole body was soaking~
But luckily my pinaforms dried very quickly!
Oh lucky me!

I can't wait for tomorrows school!!!
Thats all for now!
Tata for now! ^^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Unexpected LOVE

Parents Day has arrived~
SURPRISE! The results is on my hands now!
Due to my investigation...
My average marks is always in the middle point of GOOD and BAD~

Our journey back to home sweet home was always the same usual way...
Always the same old thing...
Discussing about my results...

Ate nasi lemak in the morning Lemak...
Gonna be gemuk soon! = 3=

Today was quite a day...
Quite happy?
Watched Ah Chai and Christian performing B-BOY~
It was about 5 minutes...
Very cool moves...I wish I could stand out and dance too!
Childish me~

My parents arrived early...
So I took my report card and left...

Share something with you guys~
A new korean boy group
All of them are very cute! And young!
Soooo my age!
This ends here!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Face the Facts

Heyy yaaa!!!
Im back!
I miss you guys alot~

Its a new beginning for my blog again~
Changed everything which is possible...
Make it simple, the better it is...
Parents Day falls tomorrow!
Can't wait~
My friends are scared to get their report cards...
But I don't know why?
Confused O,O

Its not that I get very good results...
Its just that I told my parents about my average marks and class position beforehand...
And they were happy about it!
So Im relieved~

Time really passes fast...
Its gonna be May soon!
And then June, July(My Birthday :P),August...............
And finally here comes PMR and JUEC!
I can't take it anymore!
I dare not think of it! = 3=

But anyways, its the truth, JUST FACE IT DANA! You can't just run away from it! Its running to you! So Good Luck~ Blek~

Im scared ~
Oh brother~
You needa Chill down girl~
Need to find a way to solve it!
But don't know how... Haizzz...
I Hope for the BEST~

Bad news!
My moms going to fly away for 2 weeks!
She going to UK this Sunday~
I will surely miss her...
We can't live without her!
Just wait and see...
See what will our tidy house becomes until after that 2 weeks!
I gotta go! Thats all for now!