Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last Day Of School~~~

Its the last day of school today~
Early in the morning , went into the school hall for assembly~
9.30 went back to classroom~ Meantime, Its recess~~~
Then played Poker cards...Took many pictures! ><
After that, 9.45...Giving out report cards~
Until 10.30...Out final class has ended~

Went down to teacher's office to get our Handphones!~ hehe~ Coz going out with Susan, Monica, Kim and Pei Ying~
Suddenly,a not-so-close friend, Jia Qi (She's frm another class)says she wants to follow us go shoppping!SO okay~ We don't mind at all~ More people is better!~
And then went to the bus stop and waited for bus to Mid Valley~~~
After 5 minutes...A bus finally arrive!!!
But full...Fine~ Continued waiting~
After 1o minutes...No bus~ =='''
Then Jia Qi saw her friend...Then they talk talk and talk...
Her friend's mum arrived...Jia Qi asked her friend to ask her mum whether that she can send us to Mid Valley anot. Because on the way~~~
We thought its Impossible~
怎知道say OKay leh!
So, 6 people SQUASH into 3 persons sit~
Can't imagine were so fit!~
Monica sat on Jia Qi's lap~
Me sat on Kim's lap~
And Susan sat on Pei Ying's lap~
Haha!!! Double sitting!!! >u<
I felt sorry for Kim~
Coz im so much bigger size then Kim and I sat on her lap!
==''' Sorry Kim! ^^'''

Then we finally reached Mid Valley...
We walked in...WOW!
Saw so many KC students~ >u<

After that,
We rushed upstairs to book movie tickets~
Bought The Risen of the Mummy~
Just nice~ 20 minutes b4 the movie~
Bought POPCORN and water and went in for MOVIE!~ XD
Starting,Quite boring~
Laugh out so loud~ And the cinema is EMPTY!
Only us and 10++ strangers~

After finishing the show~
Went mum-mum~~~
Ate Korean Food~!!! ><
First time tried Spicy rice cakes~!!!
So Yummy!!!
Then we walked many many many places~
SPEEDY, ROCK CORNER, S N J (Super And Junior) LOL~
3 pm, went back with Kim~
Hugs before leaving~~~ TT
Today was very memorable~~~
By the same time, It was so much Fun!
Thanks Guys!~
I'll miss JR2E alot!!! >-<


Went to Sungai Wang~~
Bought 2 new NIKE shoes for Korea~~ Wohoo~~

Haha~ Nothing to write ma! ><

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Im Suffering!!! From Nose dripping! XD Gosh~~~
Need to recover faster! If not I can't fly to Korea~
I loose weight recently! XD
Gonna loose more! Muahahaha~ =='''

Now for twitter,
Because of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu tweeted in korean...
I need to find someone to translate~~~
And found a DBSK blog which introduced by my sister...

They tweeted many lame things~
Their so adorable >u<
Wanna share it with you guys~~ >u<

Im going to Sungai Wang later to buy Travelling stuffs!
For today's subject song : 2PM-I'll Be Back

I have nothing to write! =='''
Well gonna continue writing this Later!
Bye bye! Have a blessed Sunday! ^^


Friday, November 12, 2010

Its Been A Long Time Guys!

Don't know where to start!!!!
So long never update my blog yea~ ><
Been through so much Happy things!~
*Remembering her past

First, JYJ Showcase! Can't miss out this for SURE!
Miss them yea~ ♥171010♥ Can't ever forget this day!~
♥ Jae Joong
♥ Yoo Chun
♥ Jun Su

Second, School's Ball Competiton~~~~~
Boys won Basketball!~ GOLD ~ hyek hyek hyek~
Girls won Volleyball! ~ GOLD ~ hyek hyek hyek~
CongratualationS & Celebrations~~~~~

Third, HOLIDAY~~~~~~('3')('3')('3')
Going to KOREA! for my holiday!
I've been waiting for this trip for so long~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Finally~~~ Yipee~~~ Can't wait~~~~
But left two more days then school holiday already~~~
Will Miss my JR2E classmates~~~ T_T
Need to spend my last two days of school in JR2E wisely~~ T^T
My form teacher let us see our average mark edy...
And I've pass once again! Im going the Junior 3! ^3^
Time passes so fast~~~~ >.<

JYP is having an audition in Hong Kong and Singapore this year!
I wanna go too~~ TT
Too bad Im in Korea that time~~~
Hope they'll come to Malaysia next time!
Well...Im not actually joking~
I really wanna try and go for that audition~
All I need to do is Practise, practise and practise! >u<
Now many new Korean song very nice!
Forget to mention that Im addicted to SungKyunKwan Scandal~~~~ Micky yaa~~~>u<
Haha~~ Anyone playing twitter now?
Im still nuts for twitter!
I wanna learn korean!
But don't know where to learn~
Hope I could find one soon!
The sooner the better~
Next year PMR!
Well~ Hwaiting larr~~!!! Hehe~

Alrighty, Im gonna end it here!!!
I'll be back next time so stay tuned for more!
And thanks to my Besties Amelia~ ILY~ ^^
Not to forget all my Besties!
Kimberly~~~ ILY
Susan~~~ ILY
Jia Xin~~~ ILY
Joecy~~~ ILY
More to goo!!! haha~~
Bye bye~

Remember to come back !!! LOL~ =='''