Saturday, May 28, 2011

Love Never Fails You If You Believe It

Do you Believe in Love? I always do.

Hey! I'm finally back! I went through rough roads! And here I am now! Its gonna be school-holiday for two weeks starting today! And after the holiday, we're gonna have our second school exam! Oh NO! Gonna use this two weeks of holiday wisely so that I can get good results! My mom is in Buckingham again! She went there last Sunday and comin' back next Friday! Can't wait to see her! Hehe~

My Love for you guys

Pyramid, I filled this up with all my love for you, and I can't wait to show it to you. ♥

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can never live without a single SMILE in my life

I look foward to my future and never look back my past

Hey guys! I'm back once again! I apologize to anyone who's been waiting for my newest update, esp. Amelia, just because of my PMR Projects! ARRH! All those projects makes us go CRAZY! If it isn't for my PMR marks, I'm not willing to do it! =P

Our first KC's sports day has passed, and its definitely BORING! Have nothing to do, so we just sat there the whole day! Under the HOT SUNNY Sun! = ='''
Have nothing much to do... Our sittings there are like a dump bin! Full of rubbish! And, definitely not gonna miss this out, I have to say, the toilet there is SO FREAKING STINK! Its like I've just passed by an oxydation pond! EWWW~~~
Luckily, I have not stepped my precious clean leg into the toilet! XD If not, Im gonna wash my leg all day long!
We were so boring that we actually took some pictures there,

BFFs Forever
I LOVE you Guys forever! Thanks for supporting me all this time!
Toodles guys!

Pictures: Amelia Beliebers copyrighted 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Rain

We Belong Together In The Rain

Hey Readers!
I'm back from my buzy day in school!
I didn't bring much food today compared to usual...
Crying for food!
= ='''
Luckily, Mae Kim gave me some of her breakfast!
Nuggets and Cheese Hot Dog~~
Yumm Yumm Yumm...
Second recess brought " Pig Intestine Flour"?
Hah! Don't be frighten! I didn't really ate this kind of food~
It was translated by me from chinese to english~
Kinda broken, right?
Yea, I know~
Lame me...

Same as everyday...
Had to attend society after school today...
And guess what?
It rained DAMN HEAVY!
It's not usual's heavy rain...
It's SO ... SO ... HEAVY!!! Like a hurricane is comin'!
I'm all wet when I stepped into the monorail...
I'm all SOAK!
= - ='''
Later, reached my monorail station...
My elder sister was waiting for me there~
Went to Pavillion a while...
Ate Snow Flakes!
Yummm! Ice - cream~~~~~~ My Fav!
Finished eating, bought earings...
Two sets~
It cost RM 58!!!
= ='''

Later on, we went back~
So, here I am now!
Updating my blog late at night~
Good night!!! >u<'''

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Land is Green, The Sky is Blue, The Sun is Orange, Our blood is Red

London Bridge is not gonna fall

Hey peeps!
I know my title above makes no sense
Its just for fun!
I'm being ridiculous for nothing!
I think everything I write today makes no sense~
Even the picture!

Its Monday today!
And I have no school today!
Coz' its Labour Day!
Stay at home again!
I've gained weight!
Oh NO!~ T^T

Have to study afterwards...
But I'm so lazy...
Later in the evening,
have to clean and wipe the whole house!
I think I have nothing to write anymore!
Gonna make it short for today cuz' IM a very BUZY WOMAN!
You know?!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Whole New Life With You

The moment you hold my hand, I feel blessed

Helloooo guys~
Its Sunday!
And I'm at home resting!

Watched 2 movies last night~
The first one was Green Hornet which Jay Chou was in it!
Awesome movie! COOL MOVES!
And the second one was The Tourist which Johnny Depp acted!
He's so hilarious!
And I'm watching another movie now! The Fockers!
Three in a row!
Muahhahaha~ =='''

Plus, I've been skyping with my mom in London again!~ Hehe~

The Royal Wedding was still memorable for me evendoe I'm not the bride standing out there~
But I wished to! Im such a Total Freak! XD
Its the second day they have been husband and wife!
Congrats once again~

Sweet Kiss

Have A Wonderful Splendid Life!