Thursday, May 12, 2011

I can never live without a single SMILE in my life

I look foward to my future and never look back my past

Hey guys! I'm back once again! I apologize to anyone who's been waiting for my newest update, esp. Amelia, just because of my PMR Projects! ARRH! All those projects makes us go CRAZY! If it isn't for my PMR marks, I'm not willing to do it! =P

Our first KC's sports day has passed, and its definitely BORING! Have nothing to do, so we just sat there the whole day! Under the HOT SUNNY Sun! = ='''
Have nothing much to do... Our sittings there are like a dump bin! Full of rubbish! And, definitely not gonna miss this out, I have to say, the toilet there is SO FREAKING STINK! Its like I've just passed by an oxydation pond! EWWW~~~
Luckily, I have not stepped my precious clean leg into the toilet! XD If not, Im gonna wash my leg all day long!
We were so boring that we actually took some pictures there,

BFFs Forever
I LOVE you Guys forever! Thanks for supporting me all this time!
Toodles guys!

Pictures: Amelia Beliebers copyrighted 

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