Saturday, June 11, 2011

7 Wonders♥

♥ Bran New Kiss ♥

It's Saturday today! And its gonna be end of our middle year holiday! ToT Gotta go back to school on Monday! Sobsss~~~ But fortunately, I had MILLIONS of FUN yesterday! And it was a super-AWESOME memorable day for me, my sis, Huey, Wei Xuan, U-Kiss, and thousands of Kiss Me fans out there who was at the U-Kiss showcase yesterday! XD
I'm still nuts and crazy for U-Kiss!!! XD They super hot, handsome and Adorable!!! XD I want huggies!!!

We went to Pavilion at 3.30pm, and waited until 8.00pm for their showcase! It was very tiring coz' we standed all-day-long, but it was worth it and memorable! And we get to see it for FREE, thanks to Red-star, U-Kiss's showcase main organizer! We were really crazy yesterday! We begged for free posters after the showcase, and we chased U-Kiss's silver alphard car BKR 9822!(Theres total of two cars, one white and the other one silver)
I get to see SooHyun Eli, AJ, Hoon in the car! But their windows were black-out! We can't see them clearly, but VERY NEAR!!!!!!! We will always remember their faces on the stage! Their muscles, height and size! XD We celebrated DongHo's and AJ's birthday there LIVE! And they were surprised by our special gifts, cards and birthday songs! (English and Korean version)
I feel very happy, lucky and blessed! XD I want to see them next year again!
I want to get the chance to hug and touch them next time they come!

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