Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Dream is a wish your heart makes♥

U-Kiss ♥ Kiss Me

Hey peeps! I'm BACK! Hehe~ KC High School's 2nd exam has just started yesterday! ;) And today was my second day of exam~ :D First day of exam, was Science & Maths <3 Science was okay, most of all was mistakes :0. Maths, was a little difficult, but compare to my first school exam, I think I've improved :D, coz' I took private tution since then~ :) Took English & Chinese History today! English was a piece of cake to me, haha~ Joking. But really, its not really that difficult! ;) Ah...and then, chinese history, I did my best!Improved, I think, have to wait for the results and see what's my score for it! I studied very hard for it! Hehe~ Gonna take Chinese for the whole day next Monday!~ :D Hwaiting! I have to pass my chinese this time! > <
Need to study afterwards, imma takin' a rest now! haha~ Saw alot of U-Kiss Bran New Kiss's photobook pics', they are SO adorable! >< Gonna upload them on my next post! So, stay tune! :D

HWAITING to ME! And to others who's takin' the exam! :D
Aza aza hwaiting!

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